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Grape variety : Chardonnay

Nose : Fresh and fruity notes on lemon, pear, kiwi and winter melon.

Taste : It reveals flavors of apricot, white peach and pink grapefruit with a fine sparkling that brings a nice freshness and a long finish.

Pairing : Perfect with a squash risotto, a pizza with mushrooms and Brie or a Sole with lemon butter. 

Price 17.50

Chardonnay - Neethlingshof...

Grape : Pinotage - Aged 12 months in barrels

Nose : Fruity notes of black plums, blackberries with a smoky touch and light coffee and anise bones.

Taste : The tannins are elegant and present, the palate is full-bodied and reveals fruity aromas of cherries and black plums accompanied by a note of dark chocolate.

Pairing : Perfect with a dish of red meat and vegetables in sauce, a beet salad or aged cheeses and dark chocolate desserts.

Price 19.50

Pinotage - Neethlingshof...

Grape : Syrah - Aged 6 months in oak barrels 

Nose : Fruity and floral notes on red apple, black plums, fynbos (local shrub) and lavender accompanied by a fine peppery touch.

Taste : Medium-bodied it is worn on cherry, black plum, liquorice, white pepper and a slight note of cloves.

Pairing : Perfect with red meat, veal, a Mediterranean salad and soft fromages.

Price 19.50

Shiraz - Neethlingshof Estate

Grape varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec - Aged 12 months in barrels

Nose : Fruity notes of cooked black plums, blackcurrant and caramelized apples accompanied by a touch of tobacco and spices.

Taste : The tannins are firm and structured. The palate is full-bodied it presents flavors of blackberries and sour black cherries that give off a slight saline touch.

Pairing : Perfect with meat dishes such as beef, ratatouille or aged cheeses.

Price 23.50

The Caracal - Neethlingshof...